2021 B-Triple-C Annual Holiday Party

B-Triple-C had its annual holiday party at Michael’s Steak and Lobster House in Baltimore. We had a great time celebrating the success of the club and honoring the outgoing and incoming officers. There was much laughter and love in the room. We want to thank the staff at Michael’s for such wonderful customer service and amazing food!

2021 B-Triple-C at Wings and Wheels

The BTripleC was pleased to accept an invitation to attend Wings and Wheels. Great event combining the love of fast cars and planes.

2021 B-Triple-C Corvettes on the Boardwalk

The B-Triple-C was proud to attend and support Free State Corvette Club’s Corvettes on the Boardwalk in Ocean City MD. The event is a gathering of Corvette enthusiasts coming together from all over North America to celebrate the comeradery of enjoying America’s sports car.

More pictures from this event can be found at this link: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/KkTaCZqm4twxkyJqEHAzZaZzdHWhDOKfZWMVBs13NAx

2021 Heritage Chevrolet Corvette Car Show

The B-Triple-C was proud to partner with our sponsor Heritage Chevrolet to present our 2021 Corvette Car Show. Thank you to the 70 Vette owners who attended for supporting our show and congratulations to the winners.

2021 Reiserstown Festival Parade/2021 Top Flight Corvette Club Car Show

The B-Triple-C was proud to participate in the Reiserstown Festival Parade on 9/11 and also in Top Flight Corvette Club's car show. Our club won a trophy for having the largest participation of members at the Top Flight show.

2021 Corvettes at Carlisle

Our family had a great day of fun together cruising out to Corvettes at Carlisle. On the run back we raided Peter’s Orchards for our pie cravings. A day of laughter, fun and Corvette family time together!

2021 Peter's Orchards Run

Another great day with our corvette family and friends for a run to Peter's Orchards in Gardner, PA. Perfect weather, great food and friendship.

2021 Birthday Party for President Carl Thompson

Happy 67th Birthday Carl and congratulations on the publication of your first book! We are so proud of you becoming an author and the party was phenomenal!

July 4th First Responders Parade

We were honored to participate in a parade on July 4th weekend to honor first responders and healthcare workers who have worked tirelessly the past 18 months to care for others during the pandemic. You are our heroes!

2021 B-Triple-C Meet & Greet

The 2021 B-Triple-C Meet & Greet was a rousing success! Thanks to all the folks who came out to meet the membership!


Alma’s 92nd Birthday

The B-Triple-C was proud to support one of our member’s Mother today in a drive by celebration of her 92nd birthday! As Ms. Alma sat in her son Steve’s corvette we all rode by honking and waving for this beautiful lady. Her video just says it all!  We all wish her many blessings and great joy in the year ahead.

Wishing You Well, Corvette Bill!

The B-TRIPLE-C with the support from NC 3 Crew, Gburg CC, Elite Styles CC and Living the Dream CC did a wishing you well drive-by for Corvette Bill. 48 ‘Vettes rolled by Bill’s house with neighbors and friends lining the street cheering. Stay strong and have faith Bill!

Happy 75th Birthday Barbara!

Mr. Brown and his daughter Charmaine asked us to do a surprise ride by to help Barbara celebrate her 75th Birthday in style. We had a great time together joyfully honking our horns in support as we rode by! Wishing Barbara many blessings.

B-Triple-C Run to The Peter’s Orchards in Gardners, PA

The B-Triple-C enjoyed a great ride out to PA to visit The Peter’s Orchards for amazing produce and baked goods. Thank you to the staff there for your wonderful customer service. We look forward to enjoying all of the delicious fruit, vegetables and pies! A perfect trip with our amazing club family!

Welcome home Todd!

The B-Triple-C showed up in force for a special drive by to welcome home Todd our 2019 Points Champion from the hospital. We continue to keep Todd and his wife Stacey in our prayers as he recovers. You are a fighter!

Happy 90th Birthday Phyllis!

We were asked by one of our members to participate in doing a special drive by celebration for Miss Phyllis to celebrate turning 90 years young! Her invitation said touched by an Angel. Happy Birthday blessings to a beautiful lady. It was an honor to be a part of your celebration and thank you for the delicious cupcakes with the angel wings!

Happy 11th Birthday Jacobi

Jacobi has loved Vettes his whole life and when we were asked to do a drive by to help him celebrate turning 11 by his Mom we quickly agreed. His smile says it all! We wish him many blessings on his special day.


2019 Annual Holiday Party

Pictures of this event can be found at this Google Cloud location

2019: Corvette Car Show sponsored by Heritage Chevrovlet

Pictures posted to this Amazon Drive location.
Videos posted to this Amazon Drive location.

Vettes in the Vineyards 2019

2019: Chevrolet at Carlisle unveils the new C8

2019 Afram Car Show, Seaford, DE and President’s Birthday

2019 Afram Car Show
2019 Afram Car Show